A Blend of Timeless Charm and Personal Style in Staunton, VA

Unveiling the Inspirations and Transformations of a Remarkable Home


In the small town of Staunton, Virginia, the Shuey residence stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of timeless architectural elements and personalized design. This captivating home, crafted by the Shuey family, reflects their unique tastes and heartfelt memories.

For the Shuey family, the decision to make Staunton their home was deeply rooted in fond memories and a shared connection with the area. Mrs. Shuey recalls, “We had admired this street, and this home in particular, for years! The exterior reminded me of Williamsburg, which was ‘home’ growing up. Tad grew up on the North end of Staunton, and we’ve lived in this area since we were married.”

The back room, an enchanting addition to the residence, immediately caught the Shueys’ attention and inspired their vision for the home. Mrs. Shuey enthusiastically shares, “We were especially drawn to the back room/addition and knew it was where we would spend most of our time as a family. The bright light through the windows is incredible, even on cloudy or rainy days! It’s such a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. In their pursuit of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the Shueys made deliberate choices when it came to colors, textures, and materials. Mrs. Shuey reflects on their evolving style, saying, “I do love color, and probably should have stuck to using it on accent pieces. As I got older, my style evolved, and these days I am partial to more neutral, cooler tones.” Their commitment to creating a cozy environment is evident in the improvements they have made over the years, including wainscoting throughout the first floor and a kitchen remodel.

Throughout the Shuey residence, one can find personal touches and unique design elements that truly reflect the family’s personality and interests. Mrs. Shuey enthusiastically shares, “Just as COVID started, we began a full kitchen remodel. Originally, the pathway from the front entrance into the kitchen was very tight, dark, and awkward. Tad came up with the idea to open up the tight space by creating a tall, wide entrance that mirrored the double doors leading into the family room. Now, from the front door, you can see straight through the house into the backyard.”

The family room, affectionately known as the “glass room,” holds a special place in the Shuey family’s heart. It was an addition by the original owners in the 90s and has become a cherished space. Mrs. Shuey reflects on their journey, saying, “We came across the builder’s sketches when we moved in, and had them framed and hung on the wall in the family room. They are a reminder of just how much this home has evolved over the years!”

The Shueys have embraced their surroundings, creating a seamless connection between their home and the natural beauty of Staunton. Mrs. Shuey explains, “The family room, which existed already, is such a beautiful way to bring the outside in. It’s especially pretty to watch the snow falling in the winter, or even see and hear the rain!” The addition of brick and covered Bluestone patios by the previous owners further enhances their connection with the outdoors.

Looking to the future, the Shuey family is content with the progress they have made in transforming their house into a home. While dreams of a garage persist, they are appreciative of the improvements they have already made. Mrs. Shuey reflects, “We love the improvements we’ve made and will probably continue to do small projects here and there. When we look back on images of the interior and exterior of the home when we purchased it, it’s a good reminder of how much work has been put into making this HOUSE our HOME.”

In conclusion, the Shuey residence in Staunton, VA, is a testament to the harmonious blend of timeless charm and personal style. The homeowners’ cherished memories, thoughtful design choices, and strong connection with their surroundings have transformed this house into a lovingly crafted home.

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