Erin Wright: Cultivating Nature’s Beauty at Quince & Burdock Flower Farm


In the small town of Staunton, Virginia, Erin Wright’s dream of growing her own cut flower farm has blossomed into a thriving venture. Quince & Burdock Flower Farm, a labor of love and dedication, embraces the magic of nature while promoting sustainability and celebrating the beauty of local blooms. “I’ve always had a garden and I worked at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA as a horticulturist in the children’s garden. It was a lot of annuals, vegetables, and flowers,” explains Erin.

Situated on a quaint plot of land right in the city, Quince & Burdock Flower Farm has transformed into a vibrant haven of colors and fragrances. Through Erin’s careful nurturing and an unwavering passion for gardening, the farm has become an oasis that captivates the senses. “I love the feeling of walking through the flower beds, surrounded by nature’s artwork. It’s like stepping into a world of vibrant colors and sweet scents,” says Erin as she leads us through her raised beds.

With a commitment to sustainability, Erin practices eco-friendly methods at Quince & Burdock Flower Farm. Embracing the no-dig approach and collaborating with local compost suppliers, she cultivates organic blooms while minimizing the farm’s environmental footprint. “I believe in the power of locally sourced and organic flowers. By supporting local growers, we can ensure that our flowers are not only beautiful but also sustainable and ethically produced.” Erin’s dedication to providing fresh and locally grown flowers extends beyond special occasions. She believes that flowers should be a part of everyday life, bringing beauty and tranquility to homes.

As Quince & Burdock Flower Farm continues to thrive, Erin envisions expanding her offerings and creating a unique experience for the community. From extending the growing season with hoop houses to establishing a flower collective, her dreams reflect a deep desire to connect people with the beauty of nature. “I’m trying right now to grow my Staunton audience so that next year I can have a CSA for cut flowers. I am trying to promote within my business: just living with flowers as a design element. You know, just having them in your house as a part of your life. Not just for special occasions!”

“Flowers have this incredible ability to brighten up someone’s day and bring a smile to their face. I wanted to share that beauty and happiness with my community.”


Through dedication, resilience, and an unwavering passion for flowers, Erin has turned Quince & Burdock Flower Farm into a testament to the power of pursuing one’s dreams. With each bloom that opens and each bouquet that leaves, the farm’s impact grows, spreading joy and appreciation for the beauty found in nature’s creations.

Quince & Burdock Flower Farm, under Erin’s guidance, serves as an inspiration to the community, reminding us of the simple pleasures found in the delicate petals of a flower. It is a place where nature’s beauty flourishes, sustainability is celebrated, and the enchantment of local blooms is shared with all who seek it.

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